Interactive & HD TV Systems

80% of hotel guests automatically use the television in their rooms; the hotel objective, by choosing an in-room entertainment solution, should be turning their guest’s TV sets into a digital multimedia hub.

  • To entertain themselves with on demand contents or with their own personal content
  • To stay informed
  • To communicate with friends or colleagues
  • To work
  • The TV can also become a useful and efficient promotion tool for the hotel or their partners.
  • It should also generate significant revenues, either direct (paid contents, paid hotel services) or indirect (F&B increased revenues, advertising revenues, increased guest loyalty…)

The latest innovations and product evolutions have changed dramatically the way people enjoy multimedia contents. Any individual is now used to get multiple and immediate accesses to multiple media, with targeted contents meeting all their needs and tastes. This is why a hotel interactive system shouldn’t be considered anymore as a single “movie machine” delivering box office or adult on demand movies. In order to fulfill guests’ satisfaction and generate strong consumption, the hotel chosen interactive system should have real content-driven approach, providing:

  •  Easier access to hundreds of TV channels
  •  Comprehensive entertainment offering (movies, games, news, music, TV programs…)
  •  Versatile consumption modes (scheduled programs, immediate on demand access)
  •  Accurately targeted offers meeting the guests profiles (nationality, preferred language, thematic/genre…)
  •  Tailor made packages enabling any hotel to select their own content bouquets accordingly with their guests mix (business/leisure, nationality…)

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