This step performs the onsite installation of all the solution components. It is coordinated by the Project Manager, who follows with accuracy the planning and organizes the on-site interventions. Among his global action, he has to validate prerequisites, system installation & configuration and rooms’ deployment.

To realize an installation, Locatel ensures that some prerequisites are performed:

  • Network cabling
  • Channel reception meaning the implementation of satellite dishes and digital ground antenna
  • Server room including power supply, air conditioner and so on

The system installation can be described as following:

  • Server Rack installation in server room
  • Network equipment connection at levels / floors
  • Internet equipment installation meaning multi-link, load-balancing gateway, Wi-Fi
  • PMS and system synchronization

Expected for this step are the validation of the functioning equipment, active central elements of network & floor and the remote accessibility of all these equipment.

To optimize the deployment with regards to the problems of room availability, the goal is to operate simultaneously the different in-room sub-steps.

The sub-steps of the rooms’ deployment are as followed:

  • Delivery & Stock
  • Wall brackets mounting & LCD and Set Top Boxes integration
  • LCD configuration and system & channels reception

After that phase, we can declare the system ready for the site acceptance process.

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