Internet Hospitality Service

Wondering how to make guests happy and come back again?

Simply by providing a secured, managed and reliable solution adapted to suit the hospitality specific requirements!

From wired to wireless or ADSL, our Team develops, installs and maintains a cost-effective solution to enhance guest satisfaction, increase revenues and improve operating efficiencies.

We offer complete property wireless engineering solutions to cater for the needs of your Wi-Fi users.

We have selected key worldwide best-known hospitality players and understand that your guests demand hassle-free in-room and outdoor Internet access.

We make it easy for you to provide guests reliable and easy-to-use broadband Internet access and offer flexible service plans tailored to your needs and budget.

We guarantee reliability and accessibility no matter where your guests are located on your property with our 24×7 technical support, guest services support (multilingual) and network monitoring services.

Also available are our PC on TV Services and Connected TV Services


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