Fast and Reliable WiFi

wifi620_2172766a-largeA good WiFi network throughout the hotel and in the room, is not just a desirable service for your guests, but it has become a prerequisite. Whether hotels charge for WiFi or not, access to good quality internet access is expected of all hotels nowadays and has become essential for guests. It is also a very useful investment for the hotel that supports the use of wireless hotel systems and services.

Screenage offers a comprehensive suite of wiFi and internet access solutions which have been tailor-made and designed for hotel resorts.

  • Fast WiFi throughout the hotel.
  • Easy for guests to connect and stay connected throughout their stay.
  • Allows the Stream films and music from OTT services.
  • Guest Landing page for authentication and hotel information.
  • Watch TV anywhere and distribute TV channels over WiFi to¬† phone or tablets.
  • Navigation using the WiFi network; help your guests find their way.
  • Use mobile devices to access booking and administration tools from anywhere in your facility.

Screenage Mauritius