About us


Screenage creates a brighter future for your hotels

Screenage is the premier service company providing a comprehensive suite of technology driven solutions and advisory services for the hospitality, health and marine transportation sectors in Mauritius and regions of the Indian Ocean.
Incorporated in June 2010Screenage creates ways to generate business value for your hotel

Leader in Room Entertainment & Hotel Technology Apps

Screenage aims at breaking new grounds with avant-garde solutions to hotels in Mauritius and the region.

With a certified and multi-skilled team (Telco, IT, Audio-Visual), Screenage is capable of addressing the specific needs of the industry through design, implementation and support of a range of solutions including:

  • Interactive & HD TV System
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • In-room Entertainment Services
  • Converged Network Cabling Infrastructure
  • Guest Services Applications
  • Rooms Management

Screenage’s Mission

To expand the boundaries of in-room entertainment and services for continually improving guests’ experience and maximizing the establishments’ ROI while keeping our heads in the cloud and feet on the ground.

Screenage’s Vision

We believe in a streamlined future for communications and entertainment in hospitality, with simple and integrated suite of technology solutions and services.

Contact: Tel +230 602 1944             Email: contact@screenage.tv

Screenage Mauritius